Woman seriously injured in shooting incident

In the town of Didam in Gelderland, there was a shooting late on Friday evening. A woman was seriously injured. The victim was taken to the hospital, and later that night, the suspected shooter was arrested, reports local news source de Geldelander.

Police were called in for domestic violence. Once they arrived at the house, they found the woman seriously injured. The shooter turned out to be untraceable. The police searched for the suspect with detection dogs.

Just as the officers were about to abort the search, the suspect suddenly turned the corner, probably with the idea of ​​returning to the house. He then came across three officers, who held him at gunpoint and eventually managed to arrest him.

The police investigated the house on Friday night.

The morning after the shooting, the street is still very quiet. The window of the house where the incident took place is broken. A neighbor says that he had an alarm system installed after the conflict occurred.